Why the need to RSVP

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Curious about those four letters?


When one sees a wedding invitation, there are four letters ever present: RSVP.

What does it mean? Does it matter?

Well, it does. And for couples, debutantes, or any party organizer, this set of letters is very, very important.

RSVP, or “répondez, s’il vous plaît” in the French language, means Please Reply. Some ignores this, but essentially, responding to an invitation counts your presence in the event.

So, why do we RSVP?

1. So the host of the event knows if you are coming or not. Not replying means you are coming, so it’s best to reply in whatever manner whether you can make it or not.

2. So as not to waste food. Food accounts to at least half of the budget allotted by the host during any event. Headcounts for event planners are very crucial; in turn, they give the headcount to the host who will book the caterer. You can help them by letting them know if you will be there or not.

3. So that event coordinators and hosts can have a clearer picture of the program. They might be preparing a seat plan, or perhaps games, and since you are a guest, they want to ensure you will have a good time in the event. Some invitations would have a deadline, so make sure you honor and follow the deadline to reply. Usually it’s one week before the event.

Of course, emergency cases are emergency cases. No one wants it to happen, and it’s understandable (it should be!). But if there is none, it’s just polite to reply to an invite, whether it’s a yes or no.

However you want to RSVP, just do it. A call, SMS, Facebook message (make it private!) will do, as long as the one who invited you is informed. You are special that’s why you were invited. Now, it’s time to acknowledge that by a simple RSVP on their invitation.


By: Marylouise Alcantara