Just a little luck: Choosing your lucky wedding date

wedding date

You said YES already, now you think of your wedding date. HOW do you do it?

We’ve listed down three quick tips that might come in handy as you plan for THAT lucky date, which would, as you think of it, contribute to the longevity of your marriage.

1. Couple’s anniversary date. Most soon-to-be weds opt to follow their anniversary date as a couple, or maybe the date of their first meeting. Either way, the dates are considered to be special thus merits to be chosen as the wedding date.

2. Any date that would fall on a weekend. For some, any date, as long as it falls on either Saturday or Sunday, is perfect. Working people in their guest lists would most likely be able to attend a weekend wedding.

3. A date that is considered “lucky” according to the Chinese calendar. This guide might be a good start if you believe this date system. But beware of dates that may be considered “unlucky” for your zodiac sign.

Consider also the family and friends you want to be present in your wedding day, and make sure they are available. This is a once in a lifetime event for the couple, so make that date really auspicious and memorable.


By: Marylouise Alcantara