Choosing your wedding music

choosing wedding music

You might be wondering: do I need to spend time choosing my wedding music?

The answer: Without a doubt, yes.

Music is said to be the language of the soul. Your wedding music sets the mood for the entire ceremony. As soon as the first person in the entourage enters, music fills the wedding venue.

But, is it really a part of your wedding planning? It better be, than ending up with music you didn’t choose to be played.

So, what should you consider?

1. Church Restrictions. Some churches might have strict rules about this. So, remember to take time to talk with your church’s office to know the recommended songs and mass parts that have to be sung or not.

As soon as you’ve found out from the church’s end their music requirements, time to list down your favorite songs.

2. Make it thematic. Do you love watching movies? Or probably like a particular singer or group? Choose songs from a specific movie, or take songs from various romance movies. Or fill your list with an all-Gary V or Martin Nievera repertoire.

Quick tip: Feeling so much in love? Use songs with LOVE on its titles, such as When I fall in love, Seasons of love, Can’t help falling in love, I knew I loved you, Endless love. That’s five “love” songs already for your pictorial or reception!

3. Canned or live. Depending on your budget, you may choose whether to use canned or lived music for the ceremony and the reception. Collect your chosen music in a CD and make sure you label them properly. Give clear instructions on when to play a certain track. For live music, it’s always wise to meet with your music supplier at least once prior to your wedding, and maybe pay a visit to their rehearsal if you still have time.

Keep in mind to research your musicians well so you can pay them well. The talent, skills, and years of training and experience will definitely count to whatever professional fee they are asking for.

Also make sure to provide your musicians a good sound system. Some venues are already equipped with ample sound system, but if not, you can opt to rent one. Some musicians might have their own or can connect you to the right persons to do the job.

Do not spoil your wedding with bad music! Put this on your list and check it twice, so you could listen to the best soundtrack of your life on your wedding day.


By: Marylouise Alcantara